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Daren Malfait

Hi, I'm Daren

I'm a freelance full-stack JavaScript/TypeScript & ReactJS engineer with ~ ten years of experience from Harelbeke, Belgium.

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Daren Malfait
Daren Malfait

What do I do?

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Web development is the process of building and maintaining websites and applications.

User experience

User experience is crucial because it affects customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Developer experience

Developer experience, or DX, is essential because it can affect a developer's productivity, satisfaction, and overall effectiveness in creating and maintaining software.

Code auditing

Code auditing is reviewing and evaluating code to identify and fix issues, improve performance, and ensure compliance with coding standards.

Tools & Techs

React.jsNext.jsTailwindRemix.runJavascriptCSS, SCSSVSCodePrismaGatsbyEslintEmotionFigmaSanity.ioHTMLStyled-Components

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