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Daren Malfait

Hi, I'm Daren

I'm a full-stack web developer with ~ ten years of experience from Harelbeke, Belgium.

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Daren Malfait
Daren Malfait

What do I do?

You can hire me for:


I use various web technologies to develop attractive websites which convert visitors to customers. In addition, I create beautiful, user-friendly and responsive website layouts.


I help people to understand the magical world of javascript better.


I like talking about the tools, techs and things I experienced throughout the years.

Building things

I create products from A to Z while also keeping UX in mind.

Tools & Techs

React.jsNext.jsTailwindRemix.runJavascriptCSS, SCSSVSCodePrismaGatsbyEslintEmotionFigmaSanity.ioHTMLStyled-Components

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